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How to Host Your Own Fundraiser


We are partnering with Dysautonomia International and the Pittston Popcorn Company to make awareness Popcorn for POTS available for your event or fundraiser anywhere in the country!   Need ideas of where to sell?  How about a school sporting event?  Football games, basketball games, volleyball, swimming or any sport or competition!  Having a walk or run?  Have a table set up with bags of popcorn for spectators and competitors. Or get permission to sell before or after school to hungry classmates.  Mayo Clinic estimates 1 in 100 teens are affected by POTS - school is a great place to eat popcorn and spread awareness!  Church functions are another great place to sell and inform others.









The process is simple:


1.  Estimate how many bags you think you can sell.  Minimum would be 25.  All bags come with the Popcorn for POTS sticker on them as well as flavor and nutrition information. You can mix and match flavors in your order - see Popcorn flavor list below.  Leftover bags cannot be returned but can be easily sold at another event or to friends, family, other students or colleagues.


2.  Email with the name of your event organizer, event date, and the size of your order.   We will contact you with information on ordering.


3.  Sale details:  Each bag costs $1.00 to buy up front (minimum of 25).  Shipping costs will vary based on your location and how much you order - we can estimate before you order. Lead time is about 7 days from order date to your door.  Sell the bags for $2 to $5 (we will help you pre-determine price).  Send a check to Dysautonomia International for the money you make within 7 days of the event date.  All proceeds go to the POTS Research Fund.


Email to set up your fundraiser and get started now! This is a great way to promote awareness, eat some salt and make a little money for POTS research.  

Top Flavor Sellers include:  Butter, Cheddar, White Cheddar, Blue Raspberry*, and Caramel.**  More flavors available upon request.

* Blue raspberry bags cost $1.90 and sell for $3.50 or more.

**  Caramel bags are slightly smaller and cost $2.00.  They sell for $4.00.


Ask about sending a gift basket to a special doctor, nurse, or caring friend who has supported you on your POTS journey! All baskets include 6 bags of savory flavored popcorn with the Popcorn for POTS stickers and a thank you card.  Or send a basket to a POTS patient as a pick-me-up or thinking of you gift!  They are $14.99 plus shipping.  Click to enlarge photo.

Free Shipping In October for Dysautonomia Awareness Month!

To Learn More About Donating Directly to the Dysautonomia International POTS Research Fund click the Donate button now!  

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