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Why Write Yet Another Blog?

When Meghan first started with her symptoms, and no one seemed able to help us, I turned to the internet to find answers. There is so much stuff out there. Some good, some bad, and some just down right weird! You have to be able to weed through the hundreds and hundreds of articles and blogs and find things that seem credible or helpful or even relatable. I was afraid it would seem cliche to start another one - not to mention the numerous times I had said to others that I disliked blogs - but really a lot of my best bits of information came from others talking about their symptoms and things they had learned about their experiences. I would take notes or print out portions of blogs and staple together by topic. Here is a cute article called The Truth About "Your Googling And My Medical Degree Mug"...and how to be an epatient - engaged and empowered - and how doctors need to realize you are not trying to prove them wrong or self-diagnose. A doctor won't know everything about every medical disorder. Saying they don't know is okay.

I am hoping that people will find things that are relatable here, too. Relating to others and their stories can help someone through a rough time - or at least not feel so alone. Maybe find some hope. Visitors can also link to articles and other sources through my numerous links. Dysautonomia International is one of my most trusted and reliable resources, and I wanted to be another place for people to link to their educational site - full of so much information. And for friends and family to hopefuly understand a little better what Meghan goes through daily.

During my many searches, somehow I came across the theory of grounding or earthing. It has to do with using the natural vibes of the ground or earth to heal us. It sounded logical! You can buy a grounding mat that plugs into any outlet, and it is supposed to ground you to the earth and provide you with nutritional electrons. I was at a very low point in our search and briefly thought we should try it. I even went to Amazon and found several products and added them to my cart. At the risk of offending someone who believes in grounding, I have to say, thankfully, I came to my senses before hitting the purchase button. Maybe it works for some...I don't know. You can do your own reading on grounding and come to your own conclusions - but I think it sounds a lot like snake oil (to quote my Dad). If it really worked to heal those who are sick, everyone would have a grounding mat or grounding sheets. Go outside and sit in the grass instead...

I want others to find credible sources of information and use the relatable information they might read here to find things that work for them - or give them ideas for something new they can try. And...that they don't use their money on grounding equipment that seems highly unlikely (although I have been wrong before) to benefit those with POTS :)

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